Add On Services

  1. Shoulder Massage
  2. Dermabrasion + O2 Infusion System: Breathing Life Into Your Skin
  3. This treatment utilizes the latest hyperbaric oxygen technology to achieve dramatic reduction in the appearance of dry or irritated. Oxygen therapy facilitates the delivery of active agents to the deeper layers of the skin. The combination of oxygen under pressure and blend of concentrated precious serum creates a visible result you can instantly see and feel.
  4. Lymphatic Drainage Circulation
  5. Gua Sha + Rejuvenate Serum
  6. High Frequency
  7. Cool Hammer / Ultrasound
  8. Micro Dermabrasion
  9. Eye Detox Treatment
  10. Intensive Eye Treatment
  11. Neck Treatment
  12. Face Lymphatic Drainage Circulation
  13. Head Energizing SPA + Energizing O2 Spray