Skin Experts

Our skin care advisers assess your skin to get an accurate image of your skin's health, including melanin and haemoglobin levels, sun damage and texture. Based on this, a personalised skin care regime is then designed for you to take home, with recommendation of the appropriate Dermique products for your skin.

Dermique works closely with biotechnology research and development labs for the purpose of product development which utilises over 100 international active ingredients produced by major cosmetic manufacturers with ISO certification.

At Dermique, we deploy the "Technology + Training + Branding" business development strategy, and envision a great and unique skin medical and beauty business empire! Dermique is fully committed to its branding, promoting partnership assistance, knowledge sharing and corporate management, creating a first-class high performance culture. With the great timing, new ideas, new concepts, continuous innovation and the management experience, we are able to create the most advanced skin medical and beauty business model and learning methodologies, thus crafting a" legend in beauty empire.