Did you know that your skin is as unique as your individual character?

Equally, your skin problems are just as distinctive, thus requiring personalised attention from skincare experts who can harness the power of scientific breakthrough in dermatology with the soothing yet highly potent gifts of Mother Nature in the form of cosmeceutical range of solutions.

Trending now in the personal care sphere for a variety of skin problems and capable of delivering results beyond traditional cosmetic products, cosmeceuticals are a fine combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals technology resulting in products for targeted skin issues.

If you have been stressed about your skin condition without an effective solution in sight, it is time for you step into Dermique Clinical Skincare to consult our experts in cosmetology to experience the skincare, treatments and solutions developed based on firm principles of innovation, effectiveness, safety and assured quality.

Dermique's True Skin Beauty

Beauty specialists who established Dermique are none other than experts with significant experience in helping countless Asians with skin problems.

Over the years of treating different people with diverse skin issues has helped Dermique educate customers that healthy skin is not achievable solely by the use of skincare solutions and treatments.

By structure as we age and continue to be exposed to pollution, molecules of traditional skincare products may not absorb well which leads to skin defence deficiency, lack of hydration and a host of other issues. In these instances, our experts individually assess every customer's skin issues holistically on their first visit and prescribe solutions in the form of treatments and skincare solutions.

Our advisers assess your skin to get an accurate image of your skin's health, including melanin and haemoglobin levels, sun damage and texture. Based on this, a personalised skin care regime is then designed for you to take home, with recommendation of the appropriate Dermique products for your skin.